When you use your commercial truck for work and need to ensure it is ready to go at any time, you need to keep up with the maintenance and repairs. A commercial truck repair and service shop can help, and if you find one you like, you can build a relationship with the business, so they get to know what your truck needs and you know what to expect when you take the truck in. 

Engine Maintenance

There are many things on any truck that need attention, and commercial trucks have a lot of things that may not be on smaller ones. The diesel engines in these trucks can produce a lot of power and run for many more miles than most other vehicles, but you keep everything in good shape to get the most from the engine.

Oil and filter changes, fuel filter replacement, and air filter inspection and cleaning are critical for diesel engines. The truck repair and service shop you use should check all these items every time the truck is in the shop. Something as simple as oil, air, and fuel filter maintenance can affect how the engine runs and performs. 

Neglecting engine service on a commercial truck will eventually lead to a breakdown or catastrophic failure and can shorten the engine life. Regular maintenance is the best insurance you have, and metal or other debris in the oil and filters can alert you to a problem before issues occur, giving your mechanic time to investigate the problem and recommend repairs. 

Transmission And Driveline Service

Along with the engine, driveline maintenance is essential on a commercial truck. The truck repair and service shop you take your commercial truck to will check the transmission, the rear differentials, and the rest of the driveline for you. 

It is also vital to have the front suspension parts checked for any wear or damage that may affect how the truck drives and handles. If there is a problem in the front end, the vehicle could become unsafe, but regular maintenance can help correct issues before they happen.

Kingpins, steering joints, and other connections require regular inspection and should be part of your maintenance program. If you don't have the transmission, driveline and suspension checked every time the truck is on for service, talk to the shop about adding these items to your regular service appointments. 

Disassembly and inspection are not necessary, but a general check of the overall condition can be completed visually so you know that everything is working the way it should be and is safe before heading out for a job or long trip with your truck. For more information, contact a company like John Dsuban Spring Service.