When you shop for a used semi truck to drive, you may approach brands that you are not familiar with with some trepidation. You might wonder if they can offer you the same or better performance of your old rig. You also might wonder what kind of power lies under their hoods and within their bodies.

You especially might have questions about the newer, more energy efficient models that continue to flood the truck driving market. You want to know that a used semi truck can offer you qualities that can be vital to your success as a professional driver.


The horsepower found in the engine can be one of the most important qualities that you have to be concerned with as a driver. You need to know that your semi has the power and strength to drive through the most challenging of road environments. It also must tolerate the heaviest of loads without causing the engine to overheat and malfunction.

Energy-efficient semis are made with just as much, if not more, horsepower as their mainstream counterparts. Drivers who invest in them can get the speed and handling that they need to deliver loads on time.

Cab Room

Another important quality that comes to many drivers' minds is how much cabin space that the used semi models have available. The cabin space in newer rigs tends to rival anything found in older-model semis. Most come with dozens of cubic feet available for necessities like a single bed, as well as space for hanging gear and clothing.

Hauling Capacity

Finally, before you buy a used semi truck, you want to know that it has sufficient payload capabilities. It is essential that you can load up and haul the heaviest of loads in any new rig that you buy, particularly an energy-efficient one. The hauling capacity can make or break your success as a professional driver and determine how many loads you can accept and deliver each month. It also can determine how much money you can earn as an independent hauler. 

The qualities in an energy efficient rig are important in your decision about whether or not to buy one. You want to know that it offers ample engine power. You also need ample cabin space and a sufficient capacity for hauling. Contact a company that offers models like the Cascadia Evolution and other used semis for sale to learn more.