Severely worn brakes put your safety, as well as every other motorist you share the road with, at risk. This is not the type of driver you want to be and this is not how you want to treat your Porsche. The ability to quickly recognize a problem with your brakes is key to avoiding a mishap. Make sure you know how to recognize the signs that your brakes are in need of some attention.

Pedal Goes to the Floor

You should not be able to press the pedal all the way down to the floor when applying the brake. If you can, you have a problem on your hands, as this is an indication of a more pressing issue. A leading reason for this scenario is a drop in brake fluid.

Brake fluid is a critical part of the system's stopping power, as it increases pressure within the line, which helps the vehicle come to a stop. When the fluid is low, this reduced pressure creates more leverage in the pedal and declined stopping capabilities.   

Experience Excessive Vibration

When you are coming to a stop, this should be a rather smooth process. When you start to feel an intense vibration, almost like a grinding sensation, when you apply your foot to the brake – this is an indication of a problem.

This vibration that you feel is typically a sign that your brake pads are completely worn, and what you're feeling is the bare metal pieces pressing up against one another. Brakes in this condition have virtually no stopping power and should be replaced immediately.

Veering to One Side

If your car is moving ahead perfectly straight, but then starts to veer to one side when you press the brakes, this is also a sign of pad wear. In some instances, the pads on each side of the vehicle will not wear at the same rate.

When this happens, the vehicle will sometimes shift toward the side that has the least amount of wear. Not only will this cause that pad to wear at an accelerated rate, it can cause alignment issues, lead to wheel damage and poses a significant safety hazard.

If you suspect a problem with your brake system, this is not the time to be passive. Whether it's a drop in the fluid, pad wear or something else, brake system problems are progressive, meaning they will only get worse with time. Take your vehicle to an auto technician certified to work on your Porsche for the best results.